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Timothy Gobraiel – Proprietor

Tim has over 22 years’ experience working in the building and construction industry, first as a contractor before moving into project management 11 years ago.

When it comes to Civil & Building construction projects, he knows the ins and outs from all angles.

Extensive experience in civil & building projects:

  • Civil & building structures
  • Residential developments
  • Public works
  • Landmark projects
  • Roads and bridges
  • Subdivisions (greenfield / brownfield)
  • Design coordination
  • Civil & building remediation works
  • Services coordination – working with:
    – Sydney Water / drainage contractors
    – Electrical contractors
    – NBN contractors

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Prosol Civil & Building Consulting Capabilities Statement

Our values

Why trust ProSol with your project?

  • With knowledge and experience in the Civil, Building & construction industry (as both, contractor and consultant), ProSol’s services provide clarity, risk identification and streamline delivery to your project.
  • You’ll be able to start your projects with added confidence, knowing upfront it’s feasible and having any potential risks identified. From planning and procurement, your construction project details will be laid out, helping you gain a clearer picture of project delivery and costs.
  • ProSol’s expanding services help clients have all aspects of the project covered, providing a clear timeline and reducing costly expenses blowouts from overlooked risks.

ProSol values quality, service and cost – the three key values of all
construction projects.

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Qualifications, Licenses & Professional Affiliations

  • Fairtrading NSW Lic Contractor – #377637C
  • Member – Project Management Institute – #7722652
  • Safework NSW TCR-PWZ-IMP #TCT1001358

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