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Civil, Building & Construction
Project Management Professionals, Sydney

Providing Consultants, Developers and Contractors
with project solutions

ProSol provides project solutions for PMO’s and Contractors, from planning to handover, providing support and managing tight timelines for project delivery.

Specialising in civil & building construction projects, ProSol works with Engineering Consultants, Project Management Consultants, Developers and Contractors. From planning to project approval and handover, you’ll find a solution with ProSol to help your construction project:

  • Reviews of design & constructability
  • Be confident in the feasibility of your project
  • Identify risks & delays to identify realistic project timeline
  • Tender submissions & methodologies
  • Navigating council’s approval process
  • Implementation and application of contracts for all parties
  • And much more… 

ProSol’s Project Consulting Services

Project management & programming

Project Management

Helping you manage your entire civil construction project from feasibility reports to QSE management, program & contract delay analyses, claims assessments & management

Risk & delay analysis

Civil Consulting

Helping you with construction methodologies, project traffic management plans, design coordination, services coordination and land remediation reviews

Project coordination & WHS

Building Consulting

Helping you from inspection reports to preconstruction waterproofing design and post construction


Why trust ProSol with your  construction project?

With an astute understanding of the civil, building & construction industry inside and out (as both a contractor and consultant), you’ll find our consulting services bring a new level of transparency to your project.

You’ll be able to start your projects with added confidence, knowing upfront it’s feasible and having any potential risks identified. From planning and procurement, your construction project details will be laid out, helping you gain a clearer picture of project delivery and costs.

ProSol’s project mangement services help clients review and submit highly detailed proposals  showing you have all aspects of the project covered, providing a clear timeline and reducing costly expenses blowouts from overlooked risks.

ProSol values:  Quality, Service and cost – the three key values of all construction projects

Timothy Gobraiel, Civil Engineer

Hi, I’m Timothy Gobraiel, Proprietor of ProSol

With over 22 years’ experience in the civil, building & construction industry, and half of that in project management, I pride myself on having a solid rep in the industry.

Having worked on both sides of projects, I help bring transparency to your construction project from a contractor’s and developer’s point of view. Over the years, I’ve worked for highly reputable companies before I started ProSol.

I now get to share my extensive experience working on civil, building and infrastructure projects with various clients, helping them manage their major projects confidently.

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